Handling False Accusations

One of the most commonly discussed topics in the manosphere is the problem of false sexual assault accusations. While this was always a pertinent topic for promiscuous characters like players and PUAs it has take on more significance in the post MeToo era. Especially because of the absolutely terrible advice young men are being given by woke leftists on how to “appropriately” address accusations against them. As if social propriety should be at the forefront of a man’s mind during a crisis rather than defending himself and his reputation.  

I’ll begin with a brief discussion on how the issue tends to play out in the celebrity world and tie that into the lessons the average Joe can take away when finding himself in a similar predicament. While the MeToo era has has provided countless incidents of bullshit accusations being thrown at male celebrities I’ll use the incidents involving Aziz Ansari and Neil Degrasse Tyson as examples. 

Let’s start with Neil. He was accused by two different women of literally nothing more than an awkward handshake and a clumsy social interaction. A third woman accused him of rape. Neil responded to these allegations by writing a lengthy blog post on his facebook page that began with paying homage to the MeToo movement and then dissecting the two awkward interactions in depth and issuing an apology for any unintended offence. He did the same with the rape allegation. These flimsy accusations ended up being recycled in articles on the pages of prominent newspapers and magazines for weeks on end. 

Aziz Ansari on the other hand faced just one accusation and that was nothing more than him getting physical at a faster pace than the girl was comfortable with. The woman herself admitted she consented to being intimate with him but didn’t like how “non smooth” his moves were. The date ended with Aziz getting her a taxi home. This otherwise unremarkable and banal social interaction resulted in a viral blog post and ensuing gossip all over social media. Aziz’s response was more or less the same as Neil’s involving paying tribute to the MeToo hashtag and apologizing to the woman who had not even been wronged.

The point of this post is not to debate the particulars of the interactions themselves, you can read the mainstream media rags for that gossip but to discuss the responses of the men. Why is it that both of these men felt compelled to pay homage to a trendy feminist hashtag before defending their public reputations from irreparable damage ?

It is because of a cultural bias coined by writer Rollo Tomassi as the “Feminine Imperative ”. I recommend reading his books for a detailed explanation but I’ll summarize it by saying it is in essence a feminist cultural bias that encourages society to always prioritize the needs and desires of women as a group over the needs and desires of men. In these cases that refers to feminists prioritizing women’s desire to “punish” men who made them feel uncomfortable over men’s ability to defend their innocence.  

It is important that men recognize that this bias exists so they can undo that cultural programming and respond in a manner that prioritizes *their own* wellbeing.  The way men who are public figures should respond to these accusations is to dismiss them offhand as petty gossip and call the woman out on her bluff. Sexual harassment and sexual assault are already crimes in every country on the planet. If a woman is willing to talk about her sexual assault with every media outlet in the country but doesn’t file a police report there’s a good reason for it. Namely the legal penalties for filing a false police report. 

If Aziz, Neil and every other male public figure that was falsely accused just challenged the women to prove their accusations in court the gossip would die fairly quickly when the women failed to follow through. Thats not much different than a guy talking a big game about how he’s the most skilled fighter in town and then refusing to step into the ring when challenged. 

To further drive the point home I’d recommend asking yourself why rockstars and rappers have miraculously avoided becoming a target of the MeToo mania when they clearly have far more sexual indiscretions than any other group of men. Sure, part of the reason is that they are high SMV* males and misconduct accusations are generally targeted at low SMV males who tried to fuck out of their league. But its also due to the fact that they are men who don’t give a fuck about social propriety and won’t hesitate to call people out on their bullshit when attacked. 

Now what does this all mean for the average Joe ? Not all that much since you’re likely not significant enough for the media to come after you. Regular guys should focus on reducing the risk of being accused in the first place and knowing how to manage the legal risks if they do end up being accused. 

The most important risk management technique is one that you’ll never hear from the MRAs** who often discuss false rape accusations. 

Learn pickup and game !  

As evident by the situation with Aziz Ansari, a lack of calibration is often what lands a lot of guys in hot water. If Aziz had read Tom Torero’s books he would know how to gradually escalate and when to back off thus avoiding the image of the “overly pushy” creepy guy. If regular guys learn to calibrate their behaviours more they can significantly reduce their chances of being MeToo’ed unless of course they are dealing with a completely batshit crazy chick. 

Which brings me to my last point. Legal defence. I recommend that all guys save screenshots of texts with girls they date and back them up onto some USB or external hard drive because if you do need to hire a lawyer you want to make his job as easy as possible. The moment you become aware that a girl has accused you of misconduct whether through word of mouth or a social media post NEVER reach out to her to apologize or “clear the air ”. You’ll only dig yourself into a deeper hole. Keep your mouth shut and speak to a lawyer. If she smeared you on the internet sue her for defamation as well.  

To conclude, if you’re a guy with a good head on his shoulders you don’t need to be paranoid about being falsely accused. Just be prepared, chill out and have fun. 

  • Sexual Market Value

** Men’s Rights Activists 

Mini Field Report – Classy Birds – July 11 2020



So I recently tweeted earlier in the day that I wouldn’t be motivated to do blog posts until I could do a proper daygame session. 

Well after that I went out for a walk my mood was lifted after approaching two girls in classy business attire which happens to be one if my major turn ons. So you guys do get a mini field report.

As I left the house for my evening walk I was greeted by a slight but steady drizzle of rain coming down. Normally I would have just gone back in the house to try another day but the social isolation imposed by the lockdown restrictions have made me far more restless than I usually am so I begrudgingly shuffled along.

Luckily it turns out I was on the very edge of this passing shower. I glanced up at the sky as I walked and noticed that the sky was actually more clear towards my left and within a few minutes I was out of the rain and enjoying a sunny walk on the suburban street,

Thicc West Indian Chick

As I was walking I noticed a woman in her early thirties sitting on a bus stop bench wearing a blouse and fitted office pants. She was not wearing a mask so that did help to ease my nerves.

I walked past her and then turned and stepped inside the bus booth a foot or so away from her. I delivered my ” I noticed you as I was walking ans thought you looked cute opener “. I could feel the nervousness and hesitation in my voice as the words left my mouth. 

She politely smiled abd said thanks. I then tried to stack by saying I loved how you were calmly looking off in the distance like were off in your own little zone  

She replied that she was waiting for her bus. I then immediately ended up jumping to a different stack based on her office clothes  

I said she looks like she works in a super serious professiom like accounting or law. 

She said nope. At that moment I thought she was Asian so I tried to tease her by saying ” Then I bet you work in a stereotypical asian profession like engineering or IT” 

She replied that she was not Asian. I guesses philipino to which she replied she was West Indian. 

“Aah close enough”  I said to which she smiled slightly. 

We then had a brief convo where we talked about our jobs and interests. 


During this I did notice she had a tattoo on her foot do I teased her about having a good girl professional appearance on the outside while secretly being a rebel.  She talked a but more about her tattoo and then noticed her bus was arriving. 


I went for the close but she said no so I continued on my walk. 


Mid twenties Indian chick in red blouse 


This was a bit of an unusual set.

It was about another 30 minutes into my walk before I spotted this girl strolling along down the sidewalk on the other side of the road in a red blouse and fitted black dress pants. She was wearing a mask and talking on her phone 

I waited till there was a pause in traffic abd crossed the road. The girl was walking in the parking lot and luckily got off her phone. 

I approached and delivered my standars compliment with the same stack I used on the previous girl. She liked the compliment and mentioned she was coming from a salon appointment.

I could see that now going by her well done hair. I tried to tease her with the first thing that came to my mind. 

I smirked and said she must be the typical pretty girl that likes to get dolled up and sip wine at fancy cocktail bars. Bit of a lame tease in hindsight but its hard to be super creative while under the social pressure of a cold approach. 

This led to is having a fleeting convo about the state of bars and the lockdown. During this I did notice that she had a sizeable diamond ring on her ring finger sugfesting she was married. I took the fact thst she did’t bring up the husband at all to cut the set short as a positive sign.

After this topic died down I tried to stack again based off her office clothes and guessed as with the previous girl that she worked at a super professional job. 

Her response was just a brief no. I ended up asking her what she does. I fucked up a bit here as asking questions is generally bad game. In fact its precisely why the london daygame phase “stacking” was created to avoid as asking questions is seen as “taking value” while playful statements are seen as giving value.

She said that she doesn’t work or do anything while her body language started showing more of an urgency to leave. Keep in mind this girl never took off or lowered her mask throughout the interaction so reading her facial cues was difficult.

I used her response to say this line ”  So I guess your living the golddigger life, chatting up good looking guys and walking off with their wallets ” 

She liked this tease played along. “Yup thats exactly what Im doing right now ” she laughed. I did feel proud of myself for coming up with a witty line like that right off the bat despite being so rusty. 

However at this point she said she really had to go so I decided to fo for the number close but she said no. 

Later on that same evening I tried to open an older asian milf but it was a straight blowout as she was on her phone. 

Dexter Returns – June 12 2020

Morning lads ! 

I’m about to log into work in a few hours but really wanted to put out this blog post first.

I’ve mentioned this on twitter before but I have been on a hiatus for the last 2-3 years as I focused on managing personal issues and getting my finances sorted.

Even my friends did not get to see me in a long time let alone girls. Suffice to say I was in a really dark place for a time. And while I have not fully emerged from it I have significantly improved to the point where I can have fun with people (and girls) and be fully in the moment while doing so.

While I don’t believe in a lot of the innergame “woowoo” that is out there mental health is real and you can’t vibe properly with anyone let alone girls when you have significant problems in your personal life.

But enough of that. Those innermost details of my life are best reserved for a memoir. I know you red blooded hounds came here for the action.

This past Thursday I have officially ended my daygame hiatus and did my first daygame session of the year in which I managed a number close as well despite being rusty as fuck. I did a few sporadic approaches here and there the last couple of weeks or so but this is the first time in a while where I went out of my house specifically “to hunt”.

And man oh man did I just re discover the   “Joy of Daygame ” as the wise Nash of the eloquent Days of Game blog like to say.

Whether I get a number or a rejection I still get to enjoy the raw carnal lust that comes from smirking at a hot girl, letting her what I want and having her smile back.

For context these approaches are taking places in an area of the Canadian suburbs where there are a lot of stores clustered in one area. Not a condensed outdoor shopping street like oxford street but several plazas of 3-4 large clothing stores in one area.

The malls are still closed until Ontario’s stage two starts in a couple weeks but I wanted to get of a feel of daygame on lockdown so I could calibrate properly. 

So I started walking around in this outdoor area taking in the sunshine when I noticed a cute early twenties girl standing with her mother. 

“Hmm I’ll take a closer look to see if I can make this work” I say to myself.

As I walked closer I realized the mother in this case was the president of the bank I work at. 

Yeah.. going to nope my way out of that one. 

As I glance around I see a curvy brown woman dressed all in black about to cross the street to the other plaza. Now this women was fat but evenly proportioned enough to turn me on. 

So I decided to give into my base desires and gave chase. As she walked into the parking lot at the other side of the road I approach and told her she looked cute. She just said thank you with a slight south american accent and continued to walk on. 

Oh well

I then turned around and from the corner of my eye I saw a slim black chick in a red shirt in tight black jeans walking on the sidewalk about 100 meters or so away from me in the distance. Remember this is a sprawled suburb shopping center not the core of the city.

Now between us there was a very large two way street which means I had to the intersection two times to get to where she was. By the time I did she was gone. But luckily enough as I looked to my left there was a subway store a ways down where she was standing in line. 

I took this as a sign from the Gods of Game and approached. I noticed there was one woman in line infront of her so the daygame weasel inside of me kicked in and I waited. 

Then when she the woman infront went in I approached. The girl was about early twenties from the looks of it. She had a mask on as she was walking but it was now off an hanging from her neck. I took that as an indicator that she was wearing it to shop and wasn’t scared of COVID. 

I said ” Hi, I know this is random but I noticed you from over there and I thought you looked cute so I had to come over and say hi”.  

She smiled and said thanks. She mentioned she was on her lunch break 

I went onto stack by saying I loved how her style was an interesting mix of rebellious and conservative with the ripped jeans. I said she looked like she works at hot topic. (For those who don’t know its a counter culture store. Google it to get an idea of the theme) 

It was a fairly short conversation. She mentioned she usually just stayed at home when she wasn’t working so I tried to tease her about being a bit of a hobbit.

I shared a bit about myself bit towards the end a guy walked into the subway doors infront of us and she got a bit annoyed that she lost her placed in the line and had to go. I tried to go for the close but she said she had a boyfriend. 

I walked off in search of other girls. I decided to get in line at the H&M to see what indoor daygame was like. After several minutes I finally got in and to my dismay about a good 85-95% of the chicks in the store were waiting in the roped off line not conducive to a subtle under the radar approach needed for indoor daygame. 

I did see one short (5’3) blonde bombshell in a midriff white t shirt and jeans that gave me a look as she was near the cashier. I shopped around for a few minutes until she walked out of the store and I left right behind her. As soon as she walked into the parking lot pavement I got around to her side and said hi with a smirk. 

” I saw you leaving the store as I was browsing and had to come say you looked cute. “

She smiled back at me while I was giving her the compliment but said she had a boyfriend and had to go. Not sure if I actually observed this or of it was my imagination but I swear I saw some sexual lust in that smile she gave me.

This lust was noticeably absent in the previous approach with the girl outside of subway. Her smile gave off a polite pleasant vibe instead of the lust I saw in this blonde chick’s smile

And that highlights why I live daygame. Even in many of the “rejections” I still get to enjoy the pleasure of flirting with hot girls and enjoying their reactions.

I continued on and near the Mcdonalds I saw a girl I noticed earlier in a jean jacket , jeans , biker boots an bandada. She looked about 19. 

I approach her and as I was saying my opener she didn’t hear what I said first so she stepped in alot closer to me. A good sign. I gave her the standard you looked cute compliment and she absolutely lit up in a big smile and giggle. 

I teased her on her biker clothes and guessed she was living the rockstar lifestyle. Turns out she is a college student working at the Mcdonalds and studying I.T. She arrived from India two years ago.

I continued stacking on the biker look and saying she must be enjoying letting her wild side out after arriving in Canada. She was amused by that and started offering more details about her life. I then have her some basic info on my job and hobbies. 

She was waiting for her friends to pick her up and they kept calling her during our conversation which interrupted the flow a bit as she took their calls for a minute or two before resuming her convo with me. 

In the middle of our convo I introduced myself by name and held out my hand in the classic Torero hand hold technique and she took it and gave me her name. 

She then said she had to do about 6 minutes in and I said we should grab a coffee sometime. She laughed and said no thanks. 

I replied with ” I’ll tell you what. I’ll just send you a quick text and if you want to come out you can and if not thats cool as well. No pressure.” 

She said ok and I handed her my phone to put her number in. I got this tip from Tom Torero as well and it does work pretty well in taking the pressure off of girls. 

I then walked around some more for a few minutes when I noticed another slim Indian girl and by coincidence I stopped her around a few meters from where I stopped the Indian biker chick.  

She also took the compliment pretty well and lit up. Turns out she was working as security in a condo and I teased her by saying ” So If I broke into someone’s apartments there you would be the one to start hunting me down ;).  

She also said she was out shopping so I teased her about maxing out her dad’s credit card. After a minute or so of  she cut the set short and said she had to go.

I introduced myself and she went for the handhold like the previous Indian chick which I took as a good sign. 

I tried to go for the number close but she didn’t bite and the objection handler that worked with the biker chick failed here as well. If I had to pick out a major mistake I made in this set it would be trying to stack on a bunch of different things instead of sticking to one and building a longer narrative role play around that. 

I ended up walking around for several more minutes without anything good insight. Until I walked by a bank and saw a mid twenties white chick turning around the corning. She was dressed in a form fitting light patterned dress you would expect girls to be wearing at a nightclub but in the middle of the day. 

I wanted to be careful here because the street she turned into was a residential street with houses so the last thing I want to do is hit on a girl in front of her own house. That would end up placing me in stalker category.

 I managed to have a back up excuse prepared in case she was not receptive to my stop which would be that I was simply looking for directions to “Fred’s house” 

I jogged up to her as she was on the side walk and opened her from the side instead of usual front stop to be less aggressive given the environment. As I smirked after the stop she gave me a big smile back at which point I never pulled out my pre prepared excuse and just gave my standard you looked cute opener. She mentioned she had a boyfriend off the bat but I continued to stack by saying she was looked very dreamily as she walk walking like she was off in her own world. 

She liked the stack but again said she had to go and started to turn around at which point Iet her go and walked off. 

At this point I had walked for so many hours for not many sets so I called it a day and went home. 

Why become a pick up artist ?

Before getting into the nitty gritty of my struggles with picking up girls and dating them it would be worthwhile to briefly explain my thoughts on pickup why I even bothered with committing myself to learning the art of cold approach pickup.

Let’s start with my thoughts on pickup. I know the word “pick up artist” has gotten a bad rep in recent years but I still use the term because I want to be honest about my intentions with this blog. I am not learning daygame pick up to merely “improve my social skills” or “find my dream girlfriend”. I am learning pickup so I can seduce and fuck a lot of hot young girls.

If you think that’s “immoral” or “toxic” then don’t read my blog. If you also share my desire for casual sex then I hope you will find my experiences to be relatable for your own journey as an aspiring player.